Part 1 – General

  1. Do I need to register before purchase?

No registration needed, but we highly recommend you to register, as all members will enjoy special privileges and the latest updates on our promotions. Click to sign up

  1. Forgot password 

If you forgot your password, please click <Sign in> and <Forgot password>, and then enter your account email address. A password reset link will be sent to the email address associated with your Citykeys Account.

  1. How to order?

Step 1: Choose your wished products, and then add to shopping cart
Step 2: Checkout
Step 3: Choose your Delivery Method
Step 4: Choose your Payment method and make the payment
Step 5: You will receive confirmation email once payment is done

  1. How to pay?

We accept following payment methods:

  1. Credit Cards
  2. PayPal
  1. Shipping fees

We offer FREE delivery (single location only) for purchases over HK$200. Shipping charge will be applied to orders under HKD200. Please click on the link below for further details: <Order Delivery>

  1. When will my on-line order be shipped?

After your payment is verified, it can take up to 7 days to process and ship your order. This does not include weekends or holidays. 

  1. Do you ship elsewhere than within Hong Kong?

No. We only offer delivery service locally.

  1. Why was my order cancelled?

If we cannot verify that your order has been paid within 3 working days, we will consider your order as invalid and will release any allocated inventory for other customers’ orders.

  1. Where can I physically see your products?

You can visit different Point of Sales we partner with across Hong Kong. Please refer to our Point of Sales information by clicking on <Point of Sale>

  1. If after receiving the watch, I do not like it, can I return it?

Our conditions of sales policy is non-returnable and non-refundable products. But if you have any other concern about your watch and particularly if the product is received damaged, then you can always approach our Customer Service representative by emailing at customer.service@citykeys.com.hk and we will find a solution to solve it.


Part 2 – Products

  1. Is there any difference between Octopus Cards and Citykeys Octopus Watches?

No. Citykeys Octopus watch offers the exact same functionality as any Octopus Cards. Each watch has a unique reference identification number engraved on case back which can allow you to register it for AAVS and Octopus Rewards, while using it in any place accepting Octopus payment.
For further details, please check our Useful Tips under <USEFUL TIPS>

  1. Which places accept Octopus payment?

Octopus is widely use in Hong Kong for Transportation (Railways, Buses, Public light buses, Ferries, Tramways including Peak Tram); Retails (such as Convenience stores, Apparel shops, Fast-food outlets, Cake shops, Entertainment,….); Leisure Facilities such as Cinemas, Sports and swimming pools facilities, Theme parks, Racecourses, Museums…); and other places such as vending machines, carpark, on-street parking, residential access,…
For further information you can access to octopus.com.hk as well as our Useful Tips for using Customised Octopus Product by clicking <USEFUL TIPS>

  1. Are you watches loaded with initial value?

No, our watches do not have any initial stored value. Please approach Octopus Add value service providers or make use of the Octopus mobile app to transfer value from your O! ePay account.

  1. Do you provide any warranty?

Yes. Our watches have a limited warranty of 1-year from the date of purchase. We will repair or replace your watch free of charge if manufacturing problem causes your watch malfunction. This excludes replacement of battery, case, glass, strap or any damage caused by improper treatment, alteration or accident.
Important: Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims and service requests, so please keep your receipt.
However, the warranty does not cover the Octopus Device as it is an electronic device with limited life depending on factors such as utilization, varying storage conditions and operating environment. In case you have any issues with your Octopus function, please contact us and we will seek for a way to assist you.

  1. How to set the time?

Please refer to our <USEFUL TIPS> for using Your Watch under Customer Care

  1. How to set the date (only for watches featuring date display)?

Please refer to our <USEFUL TIPS> for using Your Watch under Customer Care

  1. How long can I expect the battery to last after purchasing it?

After Purchase our watches should last for at least 12 months but when a new battery is installed it should last for about 18 months or more.

  1. Where can I change the battery?

You can approach any watch repairer as the battery of those movements are very common in most of quartz analog watches.
The most common battery reference used in our citykeys watches is SR626SW or 377 depending on battery brand and movement used. The other battery we use is SR621SW or 364 for some other Quartz movements.

Remark: We do not recommend you changing the battery by yourself, especially as it may affect the water resistance function of your watch after opening the case back.