Terms &  Conditions

  1. This Octopus is designated as a “Sold Octopus” and is issued subject to the “Conditions of Issue of Octopus” (downloadable from Octopus website at www.octopus.com.hk, dispatched or displayed at designated transport stations).
  2. This Octopus functions as a normal Octopus Cards.
  3. This Octopus has no initial stored value, please add value before using.
  4. This Octopus has no deposit and is non-returnable.


1-Year Manufacturing Warranty

A 1-year warranty after the date of purchase is provided.

citykeys limited will repair or replace your watch free of charge if manufacturing problem causes your watch malfunction. This excludes replacement of battery, case, glass, strap, or damage caused by improper treatment, alteration or accident. Please provide the purchase receipt when repair service is required.

citykeys limited shall not be liable in any case of any value stored in the watch to repair or replace. We strongly recommend you to minimize or have no value on your Octopus to repair (there must not be a minus value.) In case of watch replacement, there will be no added value on the Octopus.

For any question, please call our Hotline : 3158 2021 (office hours) or email us at customer.service@citykeys.com.hk.