Part 1: About Octopus

  1. The unique 9-digit identity number of your Octopus is engraved on the back of your watch.
  1. Holders may add value to their Octopus at all Octopus Authorised Add Value
    Service Providers (except Add Value Machines) with cash up to a maximum of HK$3,000. Please remove the packaging before adding value.
  1. Place your Octopus steadily over an Octopus reader, hold and wait until you hear a “Dood” sound and there is an indication that the transaction is completed and the remaining value is shown on the screen before removing your Octopus. If the transaction is incomplete because you hold your Octopus too quickly over a reader, please present it over the reader again.
  1. Holders may use this Octopus to apply for the Octopus Automatic Add Value Service and to register for the Octopus Rewards Programme. Please visit or call the application hotline 2266 2338 for details of the Octopus Automatic Add Value Service and for details of the Octopus Rewards Program visit
  1. Please record your Octopus number for future reference. If the Octopus number cannot be identified, Octopus Cards Limited may not be able to refund the remaining stored value on the Octopus.
  1. Do not hold more than one Octopus, or an Octopus with another contactless smartcard, over an Octopus reader at one time.
  1. Do not tamper with your Octopus, such as bend, write on, scratch, cut it, or paste stickers, photos or accessories on it, otherwise, transactions will not be honored and remaining stored value will not be refunded.
  1. Do not spray mosquito repellents, chemical liquids on your Octopus watch.

Part 2: About the Watch

  1. Setting the time: Pull out the crown to P2. Turn then the crown to set the time.
  2. Setting the date (if your watch features a date display): Pull out the crown to P1 and adjust the date by turning the crown counter-clockwise.
  3. Ensure crown is always pushed in P0 after time or date adjustment; or else water may come in and damage the movement inside.
  4. Water resistance: Your watch is water resistant up to 30meters/3ATM (subject to warranty terms and conditions of use).

Part 3: About Series S1 - Interchangeable Strap